Opening St Edward’s Church as well as St Joseph’s

Opening of our Churches.

The opening of St Joseph’s has gone very well, my gratitude to all, especially to those who helped to clean it and to the stewards each day.

We are now able to move forward and arrange the opening of St Edward’s.

The Church will need a good cleaning – Can you help. I will be there at 5pm on Sunday to start work, if you can help please join me.

We will start with a Mass in English on Wednesday at 11am. And a Mass in Portuguese on Thursday at 7.30pm.

I need stewards for the Wednesday Mass.  Can you help.

I hope we can open for weekend Masses in both churches mid August

Volunteers needed.


St Joseph’s  Weekday masses.

St Edward’’s :  Wednesday morning Masses.

Sunday stewards  in St Edward’s

Sunday stewards in St Joseph’s

Sat night stewards in St Joseph’s

Cleaning:             Help Fr Rob out this Sunday at 5pm in St Edwards