Update on Church Opening 1st August 2020.

Taking into consideration the governments recent announcements.

                We continue our weekday Masses:

St Joseph:

                Mon – Thurs & Sat 9am, Fri 7.30pm.

St Edward:

                Wed 11am.

Sunday Masses from Weekend 15th /16th August if rate of infection stays down.

St Joseph  Sat 6.30pm & Sun 11am

St Edward  9am. (English)  11am (Portuguese)

We need 3 stewards each for St Josephs weekend Masses and St Edwards 9am Mass.

Our weekday stewards do a fantastic job, we need not to overburden people and seek others for weekends.  Please volunteer by next Sunday or we will have to cancel start of these masses.

Masks:  Please ensure you wear a mask from now to attend mass. It becomes a legal requirement from 8th August 2020.

Stewards will not be police people on the door. We want no arguments over human rights etc as people come into Church. I am asking you as your Parish Priest to please wear a mask !

There are certain exemptions especially for children, please see the government website.

Fr Rob